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Medininagar, also known as Daltonganj, is District Headquarter of Palamu district and is surely one of the historical part of Jharkhand state. Since time immemorial this town had always enjoyed immense importance interms of political significance and therefore saw various phases of India history. It was in fact during British period that Medininagar came to be known a ‘Daltonganj’ which was later changed into Medininagar.. Below we’ve brought many fascinating details about this city, wherein we’ve covered all the important aspects like history, economy, healthcare services, tourist destinations etc.

About Medininagar
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History of Medininagar

Throughout medieval era Medininagar town witnessed regimes of many indigenous tribal kingdoms. These tribal kingdoms brought hordes of unique tribal cultures and rituals to this region, but more importantly they made tribal identity an integral part of this region. An identity that is still surviving and thriving in this region. Medininagar or for that matter entire Palamu region was dominated by three major tribal dynasties. They were Kharwars, Oraons and Cheros. Cheros was the last tribal dynasty to rule this region. The immensely famous and legendry Palamu Fort was built during Cheros regime itself. Cheros regime was constantly challenged by Mughals, but it was eventually Britishers who won over them. Britishers brought many changes to this place, but most noteworthy change was renaming this city as ‘Daltonganj’. The name ‘Daltonganj’ was named after Colonel Edward Tuite Dalton, who was District commissioner of Chota Nagpur in year 1861. Although today town has been officially renamed as Medininagar, but name Daltonganj is still popular with locals here.

Geography of Medininagar

Medininagar is situated exactly on the banks of the North Koel River. However, in geographical terms the city is located at 24.03°N 84.07°E and is surrounded with immense lush greenery on all four sides. This region’s flora and fauna is in fact not just popular across Jharkhand state, but also across entire India. To just give you a small example, some of the finest wildlife parks of our country are located very near to this city. Besides, few of the best waterfalls of Jharkhand region are also located very near to this city and are very much integral part of Palamu’s tourism profile.

Economy of Medininagar

Agriculture is backbone of Medininagar’s economy. Although years of slow and steady urbanization may have taken some sheen from agricultural sector, but still continues to be the most dominant sector here. This is certainly true about all villages located adjoining to Medininagar town where over dependence on agricultural sector is still a living economic reality.

Economy of Medinagar

Huge numbers of locals here are also dependent on local forest industry for their livelihood. This shouldn’t be surprising at all, as forest makes up for huge area in Palamu region. The local forest industry though is very unorganized and does suffer from infrastructural deficiencies, but it still manages to generate substantial number of employment for locals here.

Coming to industrial sector, then Medininagar is home to small industrial area, which is one of the two industrial areas currently operating in Palamu district. The other industrial areas is located at Belchampa town. Medininagar industrial area is spread across some 14 acres of land and currently some 100 odd small and medium scale units are operating here. Currently no large scale industries are operating in this industrial area.

Administration in Medininagar

Medininagar is one of the 13 towns in Jharkhand state that has a Municipal Council to look after its day to day civic administration. Currently Medininagar Municipal Council has 26 wards, elections for which are held once in every 5 years. Coming to responsibilities, then it pretty much carries same responsibilities that all other local civic bodies do. That is supplying drinking water, maintenance of drainage/sewerage, maintenance of street light etc. Besides, it also has to provide medicines and other healthcare equipments to all local hospitals during epidemic outbreak.

Smt. Poonam Singh: Chairman – 9431193041
Sri Parmendra Kumar – Vice Chairman: 9709013708

Healthcare Services in Medininagar

Today Medininagar does have quite a few well equipped hospitals, including even a multi specialty hospital. Coming up of a multi speciality in small town like Medininagar is indeed a proof that things are finally changing for better. However, we wish that these desired changes happen at much faster pace, than at slow and snarl pace. Because unless and until pace of improvement picks up, Medininagar town will never have desired number of well equipped hospitals. Coming to more basic services like chemist shops and clinics, then at least on this front Medininagar town is pretty self sufficient. In other words, today Medininagar city has no shortage of chemist shops and general clinics.

Sri Narayan Multi Speciality Hospital
Address: Daltonganj Ho, Daltanganj - 822101
Phone no: +(91)-9631995851

Shishu Aspataal
Address: Sadiq Manzil Chowk, Daltonganj Ho, Daltanganj – 822101
Phone no: +(91)-9431136432

Life Line Hospital
Address: River Side, Muslim Nagar, Daltonganj Ho, Daltanganj – 822101
Phone no: +(91)-9334186861

Tourist Attraction in Medininagar

Medininagar falls in one of the most beautiful regions of Jharkhand state and therefore it does have quite a few good tourist destinations to offer. Below is brief information about all these tourist destinations.

Palamau Fort: Although today this historical fort is lying in absolute ruins, but it is still worthy of visit. After all, it is the only sole remainder and symbol of Palamau’s tribal history. Besides, lush greenery surrounding this fort can anytime double up as good picnic spot. In fact most locals and tourists flock to this historical fort to spent leisurely time, rather than to relive the history.

Betla National Park: Although technically this national park falls in Latehar District, but nearest railway station to this wildlife park is Medininagar Railway Station. This is why many of Medininagar’s visiting tourists invariably end up visiting this park.

Transportation Services in Medininagar

Auto rickshaws are available across all the important parts of the city. Although their numbers are obviously not that high when compared with big cities like Ranchi, Jamshedpur and Bokaro. That said, their numbers are still good enough to take pressure and demands of daily local commuters.

Daltonganj Railway Station

Coming to connectivity, then Medininagar or Daltonganj Railway Station obviously plays a very important role on this front. Although Medininagar Railway Station is not a junction, but it is directly connected to almost all the important cities of Jharkhand state. Besides, it is also directly connected to many important cities located outside Jharkhand state, like New Delhi, Patna, Jaipur, Jammu, Howarh etc.

Medininagar in a glance

Country: India
State: Jharkhand
Division: Palamu
District: Palamu
Established: 1890th century
Founded by: Edward Tuite Dalton
Languages: Hindi, English, Nagpuri,Magahi
Time zone: IST (UTC5:30)
PIN: 822101
Telephone code: 06562
Vehicle registration: JH 03

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